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Excellent tips to keep in mind when maintaining your bicycle.

10 Mountain Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

It’s about Community

We are all about the people. We can’t have bicycles without people. So many times we make the mistake that its the things we work on that matter the most. In reality its the people that drive us.

We will strive to make sure everyone feels that they are apart of the Bike and Sol community. Stop on in and see our bikes, our products, but most of all, meet the people that are riding the roads, trails, and sidewalks in your neighborhood!

Committing to a daily ride habit is a powerful thing-much more so than planning to ride even five or six days a week. When you go on a ride streak, you eliminate the question, "Am I riding today?"

Providing an environment for students and individuals to learn and experience cycling, skating, biking and other wheeled activities in a student managed business setting, modeled through Christian principles.

  • Recycling – Taking unwanted bikes and re-purposing for resale.
  • Repair Center – Repairing and re-purposing bikes from the community
  • Sales – Selling re-purposed bikes store, online, partnerships for resale
To fully understand the appeal of a Crane Bell, you have to hear its sublime sound: Crisp, clear and bright, it's loud enough to clear a path, yet elegant enough to be polite. Flick the spring-loaded lever with your thumb and you hear a sharp tone that lingers for a bit, or use a lighter touch for a quieter ring.